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Translating strategic insights into solutions for business growth

Insight Track is an advisory company that offers pragmatic solutions rooted in robust intelligence and insights

About Us

Insight Track was born at a time of immense turbulence and change in the world, to support especially small businesses unlock their growth potential. With economies under pressure and unemployment rising, businesses are seeking answers to improve their profitability, find solutions for short- and long-term growth and gain overall competitive advantage. Understanding the distress of small businesses in these adverse economic times, Insight Track is focussed on providing value-driven and accessible expert advice to keep their dreams alive. Powered by an experienced team of market researchers and strategists, we translate strategic insights into actionable solutions. Insight Track is a Level 1 B-BBEE, 100% black female owned EME.

Why Choose Us?

We know that businesses need less words and more action. Grounded in facts, strengthened by analysis and enriched with insights, we tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs. Expert strategy translators, we join all the dots to provide our clients with smart, actionable solutions and not unwieldy documents or reports, filled with jargon and buzzwords.

Our Services

Chart Customer Journeys

It all begins with the customer. We help strengthen customer relationships by tuning into the voice of the customer and enriching the understanding of their needs. We map out the customer experience journey with brands and identify the points of impact to leverage for growth.

Innovate Business Growth Models

What held true yesterday no longer does today. We support businesses to innovate how they operate in the ‘next normal’ through robust analysis of the current reality, competitor landscape and emerging trends. We craft workable growth solutions that help businesses improve their competitive advantage and become more profitable.

Optimise Marketing Actions

Small businesses need a little bit more support than being pointed in the right direction. Roadmaps with clear actions are important. We partner to provide the plans and campaigns that target the customer in the spaces in they are in; identify business leads; and develop marketing toolkits that give small businesses an advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

Plan, Monitor & Evaluate

Planning is important in the public sector as it helps focus resources to build a better country for all. Qualified in scenario planning, the Theory of Change for Development and experienced in the revised Framework for Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans, we develop robust strategic and annual performance plans using the results-based framework.

Analyse Data & Extract Insights

With so much data available today, being able to sift through what is meaningful, analyse it and extract insights for impact is imperative. We empower clients by designing bespoke analytics frameworks and strengthening their insights capabilities to enable agility and strategic decision-making.

Facilitate Purposeful Conversations

Having conversations with purpose is important for businesses on the journey to growth. Led by proactive and swift thinkers  with active listening abilities, all-round leadership skills, smart strategic mind sets and clarity of vision, we are the perfect partner to facilitate strategic meetings and workshops.

Industries We Support

We support all industries that require robust, actionable solutions that drive competitiveness and growth. Our expertise in strategy, analytics and insights is rooted in principles and philosophies that hold true for businesses across all industries.

We have, however, a passion for travel & tourism – an industry that supports 1 in every 10 jobs globally. With more than 2 decades of experience in building knowledge bases, analytics & insights frameworks and developing marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C markets on a global level, our expertise and networks means we are perfectly placed to help tourism businesses navigate their current realities and chart the path to growth. Specifically for tourism businesses, we support by providing:


  • Investment plans (the markets and segments to invest in)
  • Sales & marketing toolkits for new and existing markets
  • Customer experience blueprints

Our Team

Insight Track was founded by Bashni Maharaj (neè Muthaya), a seasoned and respected market researcher and strategist, with two decades of expertise gathered at senior leadership level, both locally and internationally. Her celebrated career has been crafted in developing marketing strategies  based on high calibre research and insights.  Bashni holds a BCom (Hons) in Marketing from the University of Pretoria and is also qualified in Strategic Management & Scenario Planning, and Strategic Thinking from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She has also completed courses in OutComms facilitator skills and dynamic group facilitation skills.

Insight Track is powered by a strong network of market researchers, data scientists, insight gurus, brand strategists and consultants with global reach. With decades of experience working across multiple geographies and diverse industries, our team is primed to offer high calibre pragmatic business solutions.

Strategy  |  Analytics  |  Insights

With so much data available today, being able to sift through what is meaningful, analyse it and extract insights for impact is imperative.

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